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The outlook for “main street” insurers

Adapting to tumultuous times


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Today's market is tough for all insurance companies, especially so for middle-market, "main street" insurers. Many state regulators are limiting the ability to increase premiums, which is squeezing profits. While recent investment performance has been strong, insurers are facing a renewed emphasis on risk management after the Great Recession. And they are confronting new demographic and market realities as Generation X and millennial customers push for more online options, challenging many insurers' traditional, agent-based marketing models.

Technology presents other challenges and opportunities. With efficiency more important than ever, how can "main street" insurers better leverage their information technology investment to improve performance and control costs? Big data is another challenge. How can insurers turn the voluminous amount of data they have on customers and markets into actionable intelligence that drives better business decisions?

The outlook for "main street" insurers offers insights into these and other key questions.



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