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Many companies today have thousands of applications scattered across their organization. Because of this, they may unknowingly own multiple copies of the same applications or have overlapping functionality. Moreover, all the applications in their portfolio may pose different levels of risks to their company. When companies need an application portfolio management solution to manage their applications, they may employ manual tracking processes through spreadsheets or custom-built, in-house solutions, making it difficult to govern, optimize and align applications to business capabilities and infrastructure.

APM allows you to:

  • Centralize your application inventory to manage your company’s applications in one place
  • Reduce duplicate applications and functionality
  • Identify, understand and manage application and technical risks
  • Make better decisions around application ownership, management and maintenance

Simply put, APM is an efficient way to manage all your company’s applications. If your company is currently using ServiceNow and has thought about starting an APM process but isn’t yet ready to license the complete APM module in ServiceNow, RSM can help.

Introducing RSM’s APM Foundations

RSM offers a lightweight APM solution called APM Foundations that connects to ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database platform. This four-step approach allows you to manage your company’s application portfolio carefully. With APM Foundations, you can:

  • Establish a solid APM structure
  • Create a central application inventory
  • Align applications to business capabilities and downstream supporting technology
  • Configure and connect to ServiceNow

RSM’s APM Foundations includes

  • Pre-built accelerator assets
  • Application directory (service portal)
  • Application functions (track used and unused functionality)
  • APM dashboard
  • Service catalogue application management
  • APM architecture and alignment to CSDM workshops
  • Training through your APM journey

RSM is an Elite status ServiceNow partner with a team of highly experienced certified ServiceNow consultants who bring a dedicated, client-centric focus to every engagement. RSM’s advisors have helped hundreds of companies with ServiceNow and will thoroughly examine your APM capabilities and make careful recommendations based on your business objectives.

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