Salesforce integration

As a Salesforce partner, RSM advisors have years of experience in applying the industry’s best practices. We know that the integration of systems, data and processes increases efficiency in any organization.

At RSM, Salesforce integration involves all systems working together with a single access for users.

Salesforce integration consultants at RSM bring years of experience to help you join Salesforce with other databases and applications effortlessly. We can create custom integration modules and adjust integration apps from AppExchange. As a result, you get an integration that helps you to:

  • Merge the front office (customer support, sales and marketing) with the back office (production, accountant and logistics)
  • Automate business processes
  • Enable sales reps to get the functionality they need via Salesforce interface
  • Improve user experience with a single authentication
  • Have a complete customer view.
  • Provide a consistent customer experience

Integration challenges RSM resolves

When the typical integration software won’t resolve specific needs of a company, businesses turn to professionals who can create the customized solutions they require. Our Salesforce integration advisors recommend a thoughtful integration plan and help with challenging tasks such as:

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Integration with complex customized solutions
  • Integration of cloud-based Salesforce to existing systems
  • Integration of some CRM solutions across regional branches.
  • Complicated integration tasks that need flexible solutions
  • The necessity for full transparency of information flowing between integrated applications.
  • Integration with several systems offered by various vendors

Let us assist your business with…

Batch data loading enables you to load vast amounts of data from sources like labs, avoiding inputting data entry by hand.

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The concept leverages Salesforce Service Cloud and Experience Cloud to connect back-end applications and data, providing a full view of the customer for customer service representatives and customer portal users. 

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