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Streamlined Order-to-Cash using NetSuite and Salesforce CPQ

Jun 05, 2021

Technology businesses are changing and advancing rapidly, putting increasing pressure on existing sales and finance workflows to keep up. The process of quickly advancing sales from lead to close and converting revenue to cash can become overly complex, resource-intensive and slow. In some cases, risking sales or delaying revenue and cash flow.

New best practices and technology advances are addressing these challenges with efficient and cost-effective solutions. Whether addressing sales, finance or IT needs, or utilizing fully integrated end-to-end solutions that optimize the Order-to-Cash workflow with automated and error-free solutions, there are various best practices and technology options to consider.

Join product leaders in a demonstration of an integrated Order-to-Cash process using a live demo of Salesforce Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) and NetSuite systems.

Attendees will:

  • Hear about current challenges facing the technology industry
  • See a live demo of Salesforce CPQ and NetSuite featuring the Salesforce CPQ-to-NetSuite Integration Accelerator
  • Understand how to streamline complex pricing and quoting processes
  • Learn how to optimize invoicing with automated revenue recognition triggers
  • Learn how to ensure compliance with critical ASC 606/IFRS 15 accounting standards


  • Davis Nordell, Senior Analyst – Industry Eminence, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, RSM
  • Monica Smith, Senior Director – NetSuite, RSM
  • Heidi Schimoler, Manager – NetSuite, RSM
  • Rob Miller, National Director – Salesforce, RSM
  • Daniel Adler, Supervisor – Salesforce, RSM

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