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New technologies bring new risks. We bring a unique approach to help our clients proactively prepare for these risks.

IT risk consulting services that help protect your organization from new risks when you adopt new technologies

Organizations looking to rapidly innovate their operations face a range of security challenges. As they adopt more new technologies, applications, and platforms to increase productivity and profitability, they also take on more risk. In the current global environment of escalating cyberattacks by increasingly sophisticated criminal organizations, a once-a-year, business-as-usual audit isn’t enough to keep pace with new technology risks. Additionally, while many organizations are moving to the cloud as part of their innovation efforts, they may not fully understand where their information is located, who has access to it, or how it is protected.

Your organization’s security leaders are best served by collaborating with an IT risk services partner with the right level of experience and expertise, including proven performance reducing costs while increasing efficiencies. Your ideal partner will also serve as an extension of the organization’s team and provide guidance for holistic needs as they happen.

RSM understands the complex challenges you face. We provide the power of a global consulting firm backed by a personalized advisory approach to serving our clients. Our holistic, right-sized IT risk solutions combine risk mitigation, operational efficiency, risk monitoring, governance, and compliance, providing you with the support and tools to:

  • Identify IT risks internally and externally
  • Build a long-term plan to monitor and mitigate your IT risks
  • Evaluate and measure your IT risks
  • Develop a technology-risk governance structure that aligns your board of directors, senior management, and all three lines of defense
  • Minimize audit fatigue and create efficiencies with a common control library for various regulations

Our advisory team has the in-depth global experience, technical skill, and industry knowledge required to truly understand what makes your business unique. Additionally, many of our specialists have extensive experience addressing IT risk issues for a wide range of industries. We’ll advise you on changing regulations to keep your organization in compliance, help you anticipate demands from executive leadership, and keep you informed about emerging or evolving cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.

Organizations benefit from our specialized experience in:

Effective IT governance is a must for heavily regulated industries to help protect their assets, sustain growth and meet increasing regulatory scrutiny. The Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT) IT governance framework is a leading solution that helps companies as such as financial institutions develop a proactive IT framework that focuses on existing and emerging risks. While the COBIT framework is not a compliance regulation, its elements align with many regulatory requirements. COBIT encompasses a broad framework, defining how your board, executive leadership and three lines of defense need to align to adopt the components required for a sustainable governance system. A maturity model is embedded in the framework to help your organization understand the state of its current practices and establishes and communicates how and when they’ll mature. Our professional team has extensive experience in this area and specializes in COBIT maturity assessment, COBIT framework implementation and COBIT+ maturity assessment services.

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