Oracle PBCS: Enterprise performance management

Shorten planning cycles, collaborate more effectively, link with most any ERP and interface with Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Oracle planning and budgeting cloud service (PBCS) brings continuous improvement and enhanced agility to the enterprise.  

Shorten planning cycles, collaborate more effectively, link with most any ERP and interface with Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Regardless of the ERP platform your company uses, the powerful capabilities and benefits of the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) can be put to work for you. The result is an enterprise-class, scalable single platform that accelerates planning cycles and enhances data integrity. You get a comprehensive view of your company’s data for greater agility and purposeful decision-making. Your finance people will spend less time entering and consolidating data and more time on collaborative strategic planning. Isn’t that the objective of planning in the first place?

As part of our extensive corporate performance management (CPM) practice, we implement Oracle PBCS for our clients with speed and the insights of a firm of financial professionals. You’re served by a team that specializes in organizations in the middle market—and larger—with a combination of business savvy and technology prowess that is a rare combination. Not that size matters, but RSM is one of the largest global Oracle/NetSuite partners. Five stars, Partner of the Year. Lots of certifications. Lots of clients. Lots to offer you.

The Budgeting and Planning application offers many sophisticated features, yet with an intuitive user interface. We recommend arranging a product demonstration with one of our Oracle specialists for the greatest understanding in the shortest time. Our project approach and experienced consultants will help you leverage the out-of-the-box integrated strategy, financial, workforce, capital and projects planning frameworks with focused customization tailored to your specific needs.

Some key aspects of Oracle PBCS to take note of include:

  • Centralized data repository, resulting in one transparent, agreed-upon version of truth

  • Out-of-the-box planning and forecasting models, or create your own

  • What-if modeling at high levels of detail and scalability, including industry-specific models

  • Built-in financial intelligence and AI-driven predictive analytics 

  • Commentary and annotation support

  • Data synchronization with your ERP system for greater accuracy

  • Integration with Microsoft apps for robust specialized analysis and stakeholder communication

  • Flexible workflow and plan management

As one of the world’s largest Oracle/NetSuite partners and a recent NetSuite partner of the year, we have a multitude of solutions to offer and can create one custom-fit for you.


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Why RSM for your enterprise planning and budgeting project?

There are many good reasons to look to us to help implement PBCS, the powerful, enterprise-class EPM from Oracle. Here are a few.

The value you receive is less about what you pay and more about what you get: A consultative partner with a focus more on task than tool, who works for you and to understand you, and whose skills and abilities for the tasks at hand are unimpeachable.

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