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We all know the fable of three blind men describing an elephant. The one who felt the trunk says the elephant is like a snake; the one who feels the leg says the elephant is like a tree; the one who feels the side says the elephant is like a house. Three versions of truth. The ultimate data silos. A key goal of corporate performance management is coming up with a single version of truth, so that the elephant indeed looks like an elephant. 

In businesses today, the effect of disparate sources of data is most keenly felt in finance. Specifically, the areas of planning and budgeting, modeling and forecasting, and reporting and dashboarding have a tendency to be less useful when the close coordination of data and analysis is less than perfect.

Corporate performance management uses any number of tools, several of which we have exceptional experience with, to give holistic views of your data. These views can then become the intelligence and insights that lead to better decisions, more thoughtful options and greater flexibility in the face of change. Along the way, manual report creation becomes more automated. Consolidations, allocations and eliminations across divisions or across companies become less tricky and more routine.

As end-to-end business consultants with deep roots in finance, technology and business process, RSM is exceptionally well positioned to assist you in your performance management journey, from planning and analysis to selection, implementation, customization and ongoing support. But regardless of when and how we work with you, our first objective is understanding you, your organization, your objectives and your challenges. Then, let’s get to work.

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We’ll help refine your business model, define your requirements, develop or manage your RFP process and lend our experience to help you choose the CPM system that aligns with your needs.

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