Revenue contract management services for life sciences

Increasing clarity and accuracy in your contracts and pricing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and device companies navigate complex distribution networks, government programs and regulations, and commercial strategies that are affected by their contracts and pricing decisions.

Extensive reporting is necessary for compliance and contractual purposes, which results in multiple levels of the organization requiring visibility into transactional and financial information that must be accurately captured from several data sources.

When you need experienced contract and pricing resources that know your industry, where should you turn? RSM’s revenue contract management (RCM) services for life sciences are designed to support those responsible for managing complex sales contracts with a variety of entities—wholesalers, group purchasing organizations, retail chains, pharmacy benefit managers, and the Medicare rebate program—with the goal of optimizing gross-to-net.

You can increase productivity and data accuracy while reducing the risk of financial penalties by leveraging our technology and our highly experienced RCM professionals. We can support your in-house staff, or provide a parodic opinion.   

An accomplished team you can trust

RSM’s RCM team consists of industry leaders with extensive experience in every aspect of life sciences contracts and pricing. We understand the technical side of gross-to-net, appropriate forecasting and planning, and the commercial and government impact on your overall contracting and pricing strategy.

One firm for all of your critical contract and pricing needs

Our team utilizes a holistic approach that can help you manage your financial information end to end, from product launch to sunsetting.



Managing the details of bringing your product to market

Our team advises your company as you move from clinical trials and into commercialization operations. Our services can include:

  • Pre-commercial support
  • Planning and assessments
  • Product launch
  • Trade and market access
  • Distribution analysis and selection
  • Gross-to-net support 
  • M&A due diligence
Government and state reporting

Helping you adhere to government and state regulations and pricing guidelines

We assess and audit your government pricing methodologies and policies, helping you participate in and comply with government drug programs. More specifically, we can assist with:

  • Government pricing calculations and monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Setup of government price methodology and policies and procedures
  • Recalculations and restatements
  • Merger and acquisition strategy
  • Bona fide service fees and fair market value (FMV) support
  • State transparency reporting
  • Government Contracts (Medicaid, State Supplemental Programs, Medicare, 340B/PHS, Tricare, VA/Federal Supply Schedule)


Contract strategy and optimization

Evaluating your contracts for consistency and potential opportunities

We can help your company execute tactical and measurable strategies such as:

  • Contracting and pricing
  • Pricing optimization strategies
  • Analytical modeling
  • Financial reporting
  • Pre- and post-deal analytics
  • Gross-to-net support

An effective technology and data analytics foundation

Technology and, more specifically, data analytics is at the heart of all of our service offerings, bringing more visibility to your data and greater accuracy to your financials, reporting and projections.

Your organization may currently have an enterprise resource planning system combined with a contract management system to calculate information about chargebacks, rebates, and government pricing, as well as order, shipment, return pricing, and customer information. However, complex integrations among these systems can lead to inaccurate cost and revenue figures and challenges tying chargebacks to a specific contract if they exceed allowable amounts, are erroneous, or include duplicates.

To address these issues, RSM has created an integrated, user-friendly and cost-effective solution that presents all of your contract, pricing, orders, shipments, chargebacks, rebates, and associated accruals in a highly visual business analytics platform. We worked directly with life sciences industry leaders and Microsoft to create a simplified solution to a complicated challenge, bringing all of your data into a single system for quick access to accurate gross-to-net, as well as enhanced ability to perform what-if scenarios such as potential changes to pricing or contract renegotiations.

Even if you choose to maintain revenue and contract information within multiple systems, we can still provide our extensive data analytics resources to help you better understand your business and make more confident business decisions moving forward.

Ready to get started?

Our experienced life sciences team brings together deep subject matter experience, technology, analytics and advice to provide clear, accurate financial information. We also provide a full spectrum of additional services that can address your most complex business issues, from tax and audit resources to guidance through any risk management and compliance demand. Contact our team to learn how we can best position your business for success.

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