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A conversation with Travis Hollman, Hollman Inc.

Unlocking the secrets to success


You have to make a commitment; when is enough, enough financially for you, what are you going to do with it, and how are you going to change the world?
 – Travis Hollman

In this episode of “The Middle Market Transformative CEO,” Travis Hollman, president and CEO of locker manufacturer Hollman Inc., talks about shifting the company’s focus and business strategy, expanding the business internationally, and creating Hollman Inc.’s Higher Education & Learning Programs (HELPs), which offers tuition to fulltime employees and their eligible dependents through North Lake College. 

Listen as Hollman, along with hosts Joe Brusuelas and Robert Reiss, discusses demonstrating the value proposition of a product to prospective clients; focusing on a niche market and how that can create opportunities for acceleration; determining what the most important factors are when deciding where to expand geographically; and the role that HELPs plays at Hollman.

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