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The rise of smart grids

The grid is being modernized to work smarter and be more resilient. However, the infrastructure of a smart grid remains the same.

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4 energy trends to watch in 2020

What is the US energy industry doing to make electricity "smarter" in 2020 and beyond? Find out the most important considerations.

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Energy trends to watch in 2019

The challenges and opportunities in technology, cybersecurity, regulations, commodities and alternative energy to watch in the coming year.


Investing in the Energy Bottleneck

How will the coming deregulation of the U.S. energy industry begin a private capital investment wave? Two specialists share their thoughts.

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Financial experts in oil and gas cases

Understand the critical role of a financial expert in oil and gas litigation and identify the questions to consider before retaining one.

  • Bart, David
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Understanding oil and gas insolvency issues

With insolvency proceedings on the rise, it’s important to understand the critical oil and gas questions to be addressed and evaluated.

  • Bart, David
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