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Tax incentives and capital investment plans: Timing is everything


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Capital investment projects are ripe with opportunities for tax credits and incentives, if you play your cards right. There are numerous local, state and federal programs available to help defray the overall costs of your project, as well as tax-planning strategies that can provide improved cash flow for years to come. An integrated planning strategy, starting at project conception, is imperative for companies that wish to maximize results and increase returns on their investments. And isn't that everyone?

During this presentation, we will discuss the intersection of capital investment planning and tax incentive planning and how to get the most out of a collaborative planning strategy.  Learn more about:

  • Stages and roles in the capital investment lifecycle
  • Integrated incentive planning
  • Cost segregation as part of investment planning
  • Successful middle market approaches
  • Best practices and common pitfalls

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Who should attend?:
CFOs, COOs, tax directors and controllers of companies with plans to expand operations or facilities; private equity managers considering acquisitions that could be classified as capital investments.


CPE credit:
1 credit available


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