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Streamlining Financial Processes with Workflows

NetSuite's SuiteFlow allows for simple to complex automation


NetSuiteā€™s Suite Flow allows for simple to complex automation of processes within NetSuite without the need for scripting via workflow.  Understanding how to tap the power of creating and managing workflows within NetSuite creates near endless possibilities for streamlining how a business runs on NetSuite.  This flexibility and power comes with the need for proper management and responsibility in order to create solutions that can be effective, scalable and supported long term.  This session will supply the foundation for planning, documenting, building, testing, and deploying workflow based solutions including the following:

  • How to plan a workflow solution based on their foundational makeup as well as limitations.
  • Basic configuration, best practices, and introduction to workflow initiation and event definition
  • Live walk through of building a multi-state approval workflow
  • Basic principal and walk through for line level workflows
  • Exposure to common use cases for workflow in our client environments

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