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Have you considered what it takes to expand globally?


Global Expansion Services (GES) is a comprehensive, customizable framework of solutions available to improve a company’s ability to optimize their operations globally and maximize their return on investment. Our dedicated global expansion professionals address the complexities of expanding internationally by leveraging opportunities, reducing risk, easing the unknown and identifying potential blind spots.

Benefits of engaging RSM US’ GES team include:

  • Access to a complete suite of services, from planning to execution, to assist in optimally expanding their global operations
  • A collaborative and customizable approach to their unique business goals and objectives
  • Leveraging a proven approach to minimize risk and elevate profitable growth
  • Access to RSM’s methodology framework to assist clients in making analytical-, risk- and financial-based decisions on the best market(s) to enter
  • Access to our experts operating in 120-plus countries

Listen to RSM Global Expansion Services practice leader, Gavin Backos, and national director, William Norman, discuss:

  • Trends they are seeing related to globally expanding companies, and why they are choosing this path to growth
  • What some of the more common challenges companies face when expanding outside the U.S., and why many are successful and others fail
  • Best practices companies should take into consideration when embarking on an expansion outside the U.S.

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