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How to protect your financial institution against today's top cyberthreats


With today’s unprecedented cyberthreats, protecting your financial institution’s security has never been more important. Banks face daily internal and external security risks. Identifying and mitigating those risks is vital to reducing the likelihood of a breach.

Learn key strategies you can use to protect your institution. Our webcast will help you understand how to improve your security posture. We will cover:

  • How effective preventative, detective, and corrective controls can be used as an active defense strategy against cybersecurity threats 
  • The importance of a layered security approach in system design to support an active defense strategy
  • Additional focus will be spent on three critical components that are often missed in layered defenses:
    • Secure design and configuration of the network devices that provide the connectivity on the network (switches and routers)
    • Secure hardening of system configurations that are often missed during implementation
    • Security awareness training and testing of employees

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Chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief information officers, chief risk officers, chief accounting officers, controllers and risk, security and IT leaders


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