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Excel budgeting made easier for Dynamics GP users


Full Circle Budget simplifies and automates budgeting and forecasting from Excel into Dynamics GP. It is an essential tool that overcomes common pitfalls and frustrations for Dynamics GP users budgeting in Excel. If you budget in Excel, then you need Full Circle Budget.

Common pain points:

  • Do you manually format budget entry templates in Excel?
  • Do you link multiple workbooks together?
  • Do you copy and paste data from your budget templates into another workbook to import (or manually enter budgets into Dynamics GP)?
  • Do you spend hours reconciling your budget after importing?

Benefits of Full Circle Budget:

  • Saves you time from budget template formatting to budget upload into Dynamics GP
  • Minimizes Excel headaches and budgeting frustrations
  • Provides full audit trail of all budget changes made from Excel

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