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Estate planning: A practical approach to risk management


Perhaps more than ever before, the best-laid plans for the accumulation, enjoyment and distribution of wealth are not complete without attention to the multifaceted risks that today’s environment poses to that wealth. Risk management, now an integral component of any comprehensive estate plan, is the process of identifying an individual’s potential sources of exposure to loss, broadly defined, and then designing a program to avoid, mitigate or insure against those exposures. 

Join us for this webcast where we examine risk management strategies designed to help preserve your wealth for future generations.

In a lively discussion, estate planning specialist Charlie Ratner, senior director, Washington National Tax, will provide a practical approach to risk management and your estate. Topics covered will include:

  • Identifying risks, first in everyday financial life and then for posterity
  • Developing an individualized approach to risk management
  • Beyond common sense avoidance: risk management planning techniques and insurance solutions

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Business owners, high net worth individuals and families, and related finance and tax professionals


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