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Matt Wolf

Director, Health Care Senior Analyst

Areas of focus: Health Care


Matt leads RSM’s health care valuation consulting group. In this capacity, Matt helps health care clients evaluate mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other growth strategies.

In January 2018, Matt was selected as a senior analyst RSM’s cutting edge Industry Eminence Program, which positions its senior analysts to understand, forecast and communicate economic, business and technology trends shaping the industries RSM serves. These senior analysts advise clients on conditions impacting middle market leaders. Matt’s focus is on the health care industry.

Recent Perspectives

Technology's transformative impact on health care

Technology's transformative impact on health care

How are emerging technologies like robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, virtual care and more transforming health care?

Health care industry outlook

Health care industry outlook

In the health care industry, the digitization of health leads to new and augmented services for the industry in 2020.

Third parties, data protection and your life sciences company

What can life sciences businesses do to ensure data protection, especially with their third parties? Get key cybersecurity considerations.

Wearable tech: Good for employee health care and good for business

Wearable tech’s transformative power promotes healthy lifestyles, lowers insurance coverage spending and increases employee engagement.

Cybersecurity: How life sciences companies can avoid being a target

Life sciences organizations are collecting customer data at an enormous rate leaving them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

2019 business outlook: Life sciences industry

2019 business outlook: Life sciences industry

Life sciences companies must address the growing trove of data as they seek to bring personalized therapies, drugs and devices to market.

2019 business outlook: Health care industry

2019 business outlook: Health care industry

Medicaid expansion in 2019 could positively affect health care providers in states with the expanded government benefit.

Webcast recap: Consumerism’s impact in health care

Get a recap of our health care industry webcast on consumerism and its impact on health and hospital organizations.

What makes or breaks a successful health care M&A integration?

Get important integration considerations for health care organizations. Learn about the key functional and operational areas to weigh.


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