United States

Jill Reyes

National Family First ENG Leader, Director

Areas of focus: Family First Employee Network Group, Risk Consulting


CDI experience

Jill is the national leader of RSM’s Family First employee network group (ENG), which connects employees with family commitments to provide support for each other and to address issues in the workplace that affect families.

A working parent of two sons, Jill understands the importance of family-centric resources and connecting with other caregivers for support. She has been involved in Family First since RSM launched employee network groups. Prior to her national role, she served as the Family First regional co-leader for RSM’s Southeast region and as the ENG's local office lead in the firm’s Melbourne, Florida office.

Jill is also active in STAR, RSM’s advocacy group for women, VALOR, which supports the firm’s military veterans and their families, and Pride, which supports the firm’s LGBT+ employees, clients and allies. As the Family First leader, she looks for opportunities for RSM’s ENGs to work collaboratively to promote an inclusive workplace.

For Jill, leading one of the firm’s largest employee network groups is an opportunity to enhance members’ commitment to families through outreach, education and family-focused programs. Under her leadership, the Family First ENG is developing mentorship and career development opportunities and continues to serve as an active voice for caregivers throughout the firm.

Summary of experience

Jill has been with RSM since 2001, serving state and local government as a consultant, internal auditor and auditor. She also routinely speaks at conferences and trainings, and is a CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Internal Auditor. In recent years, her focus has been on state government initiatives as she continues to serve risk consulting’s traditional internal audit client base.

Family First employee network group

Family First serves as an active voice around the shared family challenges of RSM’s working caregivers and promotes an inclusive, respectful workplace. The network’s members build community through shared experiences and by understanding the unique challenges its members’ experience.

Family First programming focuses on recruiting and hiring plus professional and personal development for the firm’s professionals. Its programs include mindful living and parenting education. The network spotlights a different working parent each month, hosts annual photo contests and sponsors the firm’s annual Working Mother and Working Father of the Year awards. Family First has hosted various leadership panels on topics such as adoption and work-life flexibility, and supports a multitude of local office activities such as Take Your Child to Work Day, Halloween festivities and office picnics.


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