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2018 Pursue Your Passion Winners


In celebration of the firm’s 90th anniversary in 2016, RSM launched its Pursue Your Passion program to encourage its people to commemorate the milestone by applying for a chance to pursue their passions, with monetary support and time off from the firm. Following the success of the program over the first two years, RSM continued the contest. Each year, Pursue Your Passion winners are awarded with $90,000 ($10,000 each) and nine days of PTO (paid time off) to help them pursue their passions.

Meet Our 2018 'Pursue Your Passion' Winners

Matt Dollard (Director, Great Lakes Region)

Pursue his life-long passion of creating hand-made furniture by studying alongside a master in a chair making class to acquire new skills and pass along his knowledge to others. View Matt's post-activity video here

Chris Guido (Manager, Northeast Region)

Assist his local elementary school in advancing a new focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by helping to set up a designated space for children to solve problems, invent and be creative. View Chris' post-activity story here

Joy Herrmann (Manager, Northeast Region)

Participate in a mission trip with Living Water International to bring clean water to people in need in Honduras and teach proper sanitation techniques to build a sustainable future.

Mary Clare Kaiser (Associate, Central Region)

Provide her uncle, who was recently diagnosed with ALS, with a speech-generating device so he can better communicate with his family as well as raise funds for local care services  through “Walk to Beat ALS.”  View Mary Claire's post-activity story here

Andrew Leonard (Sr. Director, Central Region)

Travel to a developing country to meet one of the many underprivileged children he has sponsored over the years and provide additional funds for the child and others in the area. View Andrew's post-activity story here.

Megan Reishus (Associate, Central Region)

Continue to pursue her passion for playing handbells by purchasing equipment for her ensemble and helping the team share the music of the instrument that they love with others.

Read the full news release about our winners here.