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Health First

Getting to the heart of what is needed


"RSM takes the time to understand not only the industry but what their clients need, and then does everything in their power to meet those needs."

― Craig Springer, System Corporate Controller, Health First

Health First is Central Florida's only fully integrated health system. They offer the latest technological advances and quality care at four hospitals, providing outpatient and wellness services, and the area's only trauma and heart centers. Health First has 8,500 associates, with more than 60 locations across east Florida.

Government regulations, revenue cuts and an increasing demand for qualified health care workers are the biggest challenges confronting the health care industry, according to Craig Springer, the system corporate controller for Health First. “To successfully navigate these issues, it’s critical to work with vendors who understand what we’re facing,” said Springer. “RSM is excellent at getting to the heart of what we need and providing effective solutions.”

Springer admits that he might be a little biased when it comes to RSM. “I actually started my career at RSM as an auditor. When I moved to Health First, I continued my relationship with RSM. At first, they were handling our tax and audit work, but things have evolved over time and they now also work with us on joint venture reviews as well as some consulting work.”

Understanding unique industry challenges

“We are so pleased to work with RSM because they take the time to understand the nuances that make our industry unique,” said Springer. “Health First was barely a billion dollar company when I first started in 2012, now we’re at approximately $1.5 billion in total revenue. We’ve had multiple acquisitions and restructurings occur in a short period of time, and having a firm that understands those dynamics and how complex they can be is critical to our success.”

Springer looks forward to continuing to evolve the relationship between Health First and RSM. “If the past is any indication of the future, I’ll be happy to work with RSM. We have a strong working relationship, great collaboration and a firm that we can sit side by side with and work through our issues. RSM is a great firm.”