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Put your family first this Father's Day


Family first. That’s what I was taught as a child, and it’s something I strive to keep top-of-mind every day as the demands and pressures of the world vie for my time and attention. It’s often easier to focus on the most pressing matters at hand (that old adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” does have some validity to it, after all) but I work each day to focus on what’s truly most important, rather than simply checking things off the list simply to make “progress”. I know this juggling act isn’t unique to me. It’s something that all of us face every day, and it’s particularly challenging for working parents – mothers and fathers, who are responsible not only for their own schedules but those of their children, as well.

Men have a crucial role to play in their role as dads. And I’m encouraged that the world appears to be recognizing the importance of that role. For example, today, most companies offer paternity or parental leave rather than simply maternity leave, which enables both parents to spend time bonding with their newly born or adopted children. It’s more acceptable than ever for dads as well as moms to adjust their work schedules to accommodate their children’s schedules and activities. Some companies, like RSM, are even offering special recognitions for dads. (We started an annual recognition of do-it-all dads just last year, and have been recognizing working fathers for a number of years. You can learn about last year’s Working Father here.) And, while restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic appear to be loosening up a bit in many areas of the world, many of us are still working from home, and dads have been spending more time than ever with their families “doing it all,” due to this “new normal.”

As a woman, I’ll never completely understand what it’s like to be a dad, but as a daughter and as the wife of a dedicated family man, I know what a great father looks like – and I appreciate all that they do to build strong families. Please join me, and the rest of RSM’s 11,000 people nationwide and in Canada, in wishing all of the fathers out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

Katie Schuhow
Senior Manager, Financial Services and National Leader, Family First Employee Network Group

Family First


Family First

Family First serves as an active voice around shared family challenges and promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace.