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Meet Helen Rubin, RSM’s 2018 Working Mother of the Year


Helen Rubin is a superhero mom and audit professional who’s known for her drive, strength and fierce commitment to her family, clients and the development of her teams. A single parent, she excels at modeling for her team that it is possible to raise a family, grow your career and mentor others.

Solo parenting was never her plan. Three years ago, she found herself with sole custody of her three young children and luckily, a career she loved and parents ready to pitch in.  

At the time of her divorce, Helen was an audit manager in our Orlando office. Needing a strong support system for her family, she packed up her twins Lucas and Stephen, and daughte, Sarah, and moved in with her parents in south Florida. “I’ve always put my kids first,” Helen said, “and it was my responsibility to make sure my kids’ lives didn’t fall apart. I knew I’d miss my work family in Orlando, but I was grateful that I could transfer to our Fort Lauderdale office and continue my career.”

One big family

Helen, her kids and her parents have adjusted to their new life. Six-year-olds Stephen and Lucas, and Sarah, who’s 5, have grown to be smart, confident and resilient. “We are there for each other – we do homework after school then have dinner, and every day I make it a point to give each child some mommy time so we can just talk, read and relax together.

“And my parents are absolutely amazing,” she said. “They pick up the kids from school, get them to their activities—and there are a lot of them—and babysit when I’m working out of town. I certainly couldn’t do this without them. We’re one big family. During the last three years, we’ve redefined our family and know that it takes our whole tribe to keep things going in the right direction.”

For Helen, work and home life often overlap. “My kids and my coworkers know each other pretty well!” she noted. “I have an open-door policy when it comes to communicating. My team knows I’m available whenever they need me – whether I’m at the office, working from home or waiting at a kid’s doctor’s appointment. And my kids love to talk with my team members – they even have RSM work buddies they view as an extension of our family.” Just before busy season this year, she and the kids put together what they called busy season survival kits for her teams. “We bagged up water bottles, granola bars—little things, really, but we wanted everyone to feel appreciated. And the kids thought it was a blast!” 

Helen’s advice to others who need to do it all? Don’t give up, and know you’re not alone. “RSM is an amazingly supportive place to work. Reach out to others and let them know if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Lean on your CA and your mentors. Through my experience, I know that our firm’s culture and policies support our success.”

Family photo – Kids (from left) Stephen, Sarah and Lucas


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