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Family First Member Spotlight: Meet John Hernandez


RSM’s Family First employee network group (ENG) builds community around shared experiences and serves as a support system for the well-being and growth of our members and others so they can be their best at home, work and in their community. Through our Family First member spotlights, we share stories about life experiences of people at RSM. In this edition, we meet John Hernandez, who knows that with faith, he can overcome any challenge.

John Hernandez
D365 Consultant
3 years with RSM
Member of Family First and
Interfaith ENGs

Tell us about a challenge you are currently facing or have faced.
My past challenges were so great that the memory hinders me. With Christ, my challenges are new. Coronavirus has me focused on keeping my daughter, two boys and wife safe, healthy and growing in a positive direction. We have had loved ones infected, we have had depression that comes with isolation and a lack of exercise and sunshine, and there is a certain anxiety that comes with a change of this magnitude. Together, we care for my mother. Our goal is to lead an abundant life of faith, and to give hope and inspire others to believe and to love.

What roles do family, faith and RSM play in the face of such challenge?
My wife and family share the same faith. We met in church. “God gives,” she said, Bible in hand, and soon after, we were married. We trust in God and our faith extends to my work at RSM with my entire family in support. I work with all of my heart and am so thankful for RSM’s global perspective and for our flexible work options.

What habits have you created over time that have led you to face such a challenge in the way that you are or have? Why were those habits important to you at the time? How did you develop a commitment to such habits?
Being vulnerable and asking for prayer and help was one of my first steps toward forgiveness, healing and change. It can seem counterintuitive, but trusting God and asking for prayer is my first step now.

Tell us your day-by-day plans to move forward through this challenging time of life. How are others able to help and support you?
We will pray for the safety, health, housing, nutrition and happiness of all people. We will provide as we are able. We look forward to the day that we can travel as a family among free, healthy, diverse and lovely people. We would love to try boating as a way to find more family outdoor time. We welcome prayers for a clean, happy home full of life, music, laughter, good food and love.

What message would you give to our RSM professionals who face similar challenges themselves or who have family members facing such challenges?
Stay positive! Get as much sleep, sunshine and exercise as you can. Try prayer, and if you need prayers or help, please ask.

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