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Celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility


Driven by the desire to attract, retain and engage the very best people, workplaces, including RSM, have facilitated successful on-the-job gender transitions for years, and continue to lead the way in creating inclusive workplaces for all, including transgender and gender non-conforming people. By committing to non-discrimination protections based on gender identity, equal benefits for transgender workers, and internal policies and practices that support transgender workers, RSM creates the necessary foundation for transgender and gender non-conforming people to thrive at work. But this all starts with transgender people coming out and being visible. Transgender and gender non-conforming people showing up as their authentic selves each and every day helps advance transgender equality.  

At RSM, we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels a sense of belonging. And we understand that cultivating a culture of inclusion means that we have to really care about one another and appreciate the individual contributions that we each bring to the table. We encourage all of our 11,000+ employees nationwide and in Canada to be their authentic selves every day because we know that the unique perspectives of our diverse employee population is what leads to innovative solutions that help our middle market clients succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world.

Check out what Jenni from our Boston office has to say about her experience here at RSM:

“Being authentic is my key to success, and RSM has allowed me to be my true self – and to flourish while doing so.  I’ve had support from everywhere – from interns all the way up to partners and principals (some of whom are my loudest cheerleaders). Coming out as a transwoman has been nothing but ‘blue skies’ from those in the firm, as well as our clients. Having such a welcoming environment embracing who I really am has been important.”  

As the national leader of RSM’s Pride Employee Network Group (ENG), I’ve had an opportunity to publicly tell my story and be my authentic self. I’ve found acceptance and understanding, and hope that by sharing my story, I can help others find them as well. And today, on behalf of our firm, our Pride ENG and the rest of our people in 87 offices across the country, I’d like to invite you to join me in celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility.   

Kerensa Butler, Partner and Southeast Private Equity Leader and National Pride ENG leader  

Did you know, by the way, that RSM received 100% on the 2020 HRC Corporate Equality Index for the second consecutive year? Learn more here!



Pride supports LGBT+ employees, clients and allies through recruitment, retention and business activity alignment with LGBT+ organizations.