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Celebrating the colors of the rainbow


October is National Pride Month, and October 11 marks National Coming Out Day (NCOD) – an annual LGBT+ awareness day.

This is the time of year when we’ll see leaves turning from green to orange and, ultimately, brown, as the temperatures fall and pumpkin spice fills the air. But it’s also the time of year when we see more rainbows than we typically see throughout the year. Why?  Because every year on NCOD, our country celebrates coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) – or as being an ally. To show support, many businesses and residences display rainbow flags and promote related events with what’s come to be a symbol of the cause.

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of NCOD, which was founded on October 11, 1988, the anniversary of the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

But why is it important to recognize NCOD? It’s simple: When people know someone who is LGBT+, they are far more likely to support equality under the law. That’s important because each of us has a unique contribution to make to society, and laws that protect equality help ensure that we’re all standing on equal footing, and that we have opportunities to be our best selves.

Equality and inclusion is something that we at RSM hold dear, as well. We understand that creating an inclusive work environment where all 11,000 of our people nationwide feel respected and appreciated leads to our being able to offer the best possible service to our increasingly diverse client base – across the country and around the world.

This year, in celebration of National Coming Out Day, we’re asking all employees to wear their rainbow colors and encourage everyone to be their authentic selves.

Oh…and the reason for use of the rainbow flag this month? The colors reflect the diversity of the LBGT+ community. Rainbows also serve as symbols of peace and serenity, and are seen after a rainstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds. Pretty powerful stuff.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating National Coming Out Day.

Kerensa Butler
Partner, Southeast Private Equity Leader and National Pride Employee Network Leader




Pride supports LGBT+ employees, clients and allies through recruitment, retention and business activity alignment with LGBT+ organizations.