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Creating a CyberSource payment processing profile

To create a functioning CyberSource payment profile you need to have few prerequisites, starting with an account and login credentials for your business center.  In the sales process, you can obtain a Test Business Center login which is essentially a sandbox that is not capable of actually capturing and transferring funds. You have the option of creating key from your Test Business Center and testing the gateway prior to the live business center which is capable of processing and transfer of funds.

What you need:

  1. Admin credentials for the Live or Test Business Center depending on your environment.  Credentials will include a MerchantID, Username and Password.

a. Live allows for active and live transactions from cards and requires use of real card data for transactions.

b. Test allows for the use of test card data to be entered to test the gateways functionality and functionality within the NetSuite user interface or that of Suite Commerce shopping experience.

    2. Current version of Java Runtime (You will be prompted if you don’t have it)

Setting up the Processing Profile:

Setting up the processing profile consists of two high level steps, creating the security key and configuring the processing profile.

Create a new security key:

  1. Visit www.cybersource.com and login using the credentials sourced from CyberSource.

- For a NetSuite Sandbox or for testing in your production instance of NetSuite choose Test Business Center link and use your Test Business Center Merchant ID.

- For your Production instance where live transactions are desired, choose the Live Business Center link and use your Live Business Center Merchant ID.

    2. Click the button in the bottom right of the page to add a new key

    3. Select the “Simple Order” radio button and select “Download” to download a file with the file type .jnlp to         your local computer.

    4. Select the “Simple Order” radio button and select “Download” to download a file with the type .jnlp to         your local computer.

    5. From the location the .jnlp file file was saved to; double click it, allowing the Java application to run.

    6. When prompted with the CyberSource Key Generation Java applet select “Generate Key Request”.  The         applet will display the progress and identify completion by prompting to save a new file with type .p12.

Create Payment Processing Profile:

The payment processing profile is a pre-built integration with a payment gateway that allows credit cards to be processed directly from NetSuite.

  1. Login to NetSuite as and navigate to Setup>Accounting>Payment Processing Profiles and select New Payment Processing Profile.
  2. Enter the primary gateway information.  See SuiteAnswers Article ID 7519
  3. In the Authentication Credentials section of the gateway setup:

a. Enter the corresponding Merchant ID from the business center used to create the key in the previous steps.

b. Select the saved security key (filename.p12 ) file from the previous step from the “Choose File” button.

    4. Save Card Processing Profile

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