RSM Device Management Consulting

Mobile access. End point protection. Regulatory compliance. Digital Transformation. Risk management. Security. It’s a new kind of world we find ourselves in. One where the pervasive use of technology presents new threats every day.

Organizations spend a tremendous amount of energy to protect and secure the edge of their networks. But when it comes to securing end-user devices, a false sense of control often prevails. Without a complete view of your IT environments to ensure persistent visibility — it’s a catastrophe that is waiting to happen. Enter RSM device management consulting.

Digital Transformation as a driver of change requires a new look at securing and managing end-user devices. With new cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Autopilot, Windows Intune, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, forward-thinking businesses are realizing fundamental changes in how they operate, deliver value, and provide a sense of control to their end users. In doing so, they’re providing IT with the necessary tools to protect the organization from future threats, while giving users an experience and environment that they can excel in. The net result is in the realization of better processes, and an ability to help everyone stay focused on what matters most.

Traditionally, providing a high level of device management across desktops, laptops, tablets and phones was an expensive and onerous undertaking.  With modern solutions and platforms based on proven cloud technologies IT professionals can now address device management without high costs or extraneous effort.

RSM device management professionals address the most prevalent device management questions for IT directors and managers who are seeking a better level of control over their end-user devices. Questions such as: How do we secure our devices but still leave flexibility--so our end users don’t feel that we’re applying too much control? How can we stay in compliance with regulatory issues without sacrificing access to data? How do we embrace increased mobility with distributed teams, including potential issues with Shadow IT and BYOD? How do we let our employees use the devices they need, while lowering costs, and quickly adjust to change as it occurs?

Know your risks. Stay ahead of the curve.

RSM Device Management consultants offers an end-to-end approach to solution adoption—one that is highly flexible and scalable to your organization’s needs, regardless of size or locations.

  • Safeguard your data and identity management – Leverage the latest tools to ensure that sensitive data and identities are protected. We use the latest Microsoft solutions to manage the most complex requirements.
  • Improve end user productivity Maintain productivity without sacrificing to cookie-cutter approaches. Provide comprehensive or “just-enough” support and security for your devices from a cloud-based solution.

  • Secure more devices – Embrace mobility, and still leave room for flexibility. RSM helps you support a diverse mobile environment— regardless of operating system—while ensuring devices and apps are compliant with your organization's security requirements.

  • Ensure device management control – Implement modern and emerging management options that keep you in control, regardless of device ownership. From corporate owned/corporate managed or employee owned/corporate managed, to employee owned/employee managed devices, utilize a single toolset across all management scenarios.
  • Mitigate complexity – Lessen the burden of disparate systems, tools and devices through centralized cloud management and dashboards. RSM’s unique approach can help you to greatly simplify the management of PCs and mobile devices, without adding new infrastructure.  
  • Stay protected – Safeguard corporate resources with a comprehensive set of configuration policies and reporting across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, phones – regardless of operating system – from a single toolset.

Move beyond yesterday

Anyone can talk about device management. But leveling-up with end-user management and data protection requires a far more sophisticated level of understanding. All at once, or stepping through a maturity model—RSM device management consultants can assist you in changing the playing field to ensure device management doesn’t become an impediment to the future growth of your business.