NetSuite SuitePeople

What is NetSuite SuitePeople?

SuitePeople is a Human Capital Management Software (HCM) which allows businesses complete control over their HR processes by securely incorporating people data throughout the ERP and providing human capital management infrastructure that scales with business growth. SuitePeople gives HR professionals and managers a way to streamline processes such as onboarding new hires, process payroll, track employee performance and more, all within one single platform. SuitePeople, built into NetSuite, enables these key areas:

  • Flexibility: The SuiteCloud platform is customizable and is integrated into the latest release.
  • Universal data: Like CRM and all other NetSuite modules, SuitePeople ensures people information is available throughout the enterprise, which allows companies to nurture, protect and develop their talent and utilize analytics to make quicker business decisions.
  • Global reach: Built on the global platform and enhanced with HR localizations, SuitePeople ensures companies can manage global workforces.
  • Unified access: Part of the unified data model, which allows people information to be seamlessly reported and analyzed, PeopleSuite provides the ability to access employee directories and organization charts, request time off, monitor upcoming vacation schedules, publicly recognize peers for good work and more. 

Key SuitePeople features:

  • Employee time-off accrual and management
  • Jobs and position tracking with advanced features to associate pay with levels of education, experience and skills
  • New hire requisition approvals, budgeting and ATS connections
  • Global employee record with the ability to track government IDs, certifications and other personnel details for compliance management
  • Effective-dated employee master data
  • Onboarding management and workflows
  • Offboarding management and termination tracking with employee exit interview and exit records, including workflows to automatically remove employee’s system access
  • HR analytics with an overview of headcount trends including growth, diversity and turnover trends with value-driven dashboards, reports and searches
  • Health and safety tracking, including OSHA reporting
  • Performance management
  • Compensation tracking
  • Employee Center with access to time-off requests, expense reports, purchase requests, kudos, employee directory and organization chart 
  • Payroll with features like multi-jurisdiction taxes and benefit deductions with streamlined UI

Increased operational
efficiencies and leading

Create more time to focus on strategic initiatives by working from roles, dashboards and KPIs based on one single source of truth. Boost employees and manager self-sufficiency with an organization browser, employee directory, manager reporting tools, kudos, time-off management, and much more.


Continuous life cycle engagement via integrated platform for HR and back office

The SuitePeople platform is built to eliminate departmental barriers. Seamlessly manage the workforce's life cycle—including employment changes, transfers and promotions—from one unified platform. With SuitePeople, you can ensure that effective-dating, termination analysis, approval workflows and exit interviews are all readily available. By unifying the front and back office, NetSuite gives the organization full visibility into HR and the true status of the organization.


Business Intelligence,
compliance and data-driven
decision making

SuitePeople delivers strong workforce analytics via pre-built reports and value-driven dashboards, developed from the real-world experience of people in roles like yours. Constant access to real-time data makes it simple to track and optimize the performance of your people, allowing you to succinctly convey this message to the board and make sound business decisions for future programs.


Speed up your processes with standardized records, improved hiring controls and faster time to close hires. Track jobs and positions, new hire requisition approvals, budgeting and ATS connections to account for everyone using the secure global employee record. Advanced role-based security allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support both themselves and their teams while protecting sensitive personal data.

As the leading NetSuite solution provider worldwide, RSM offers deep SuitePeople product and technical experience:


  • Experienced professionals with real-world SuitePeople and HR experience
  • Proven implementation process based on prior implementations
  • Knowledge transfer through best-practices discussions
  • End-user training services


  • Review of current system status
  • Discussions around current pain points and recommended best practices
  • Implementation and documentation of proposed changes
  • New feature training
  • Peripheral systems integrations

Why partner with RSM?

RSM is one of the largest and most highly decorated Oracle NetSuite partners globally, and serves as a Solution Provider Partner, Alliance Partner, and BPO Partner for NetSuite. RSM is the trusted advisor to middle market companies for the evaluation, selection, implementation and support of our customers’ NetSuite investment. With more than 100 offices across the North America and a global network with established NetSuite practices in 14 countries, RSM has certified and highly experienced NetSuite resources around the world. With our unique understanding of the middle market, we’ve helped thousands of companies move forward with confidence. We listen closely to make sure we understand you, your business and your organization’s culture, so that you experience the power of being understood.

What RSM brings

  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Personalized service from local offices
  • Proven implementation methodologies from 30+ years of ERP and CRM experience
  • On-shore client support
  • Largest Global NetSuite Partner serving  1,500+ NetSuite Clients since 2004


  • NetSuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year 2013-2014, 2016-2020
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Partner of the Year 2019
  • Accounting Today VAR 100: Ranked #1 2015-2021
  • Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VAR 2011-2021


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