United States

Convergence 2013

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the full potential of your Dynamics solution. This event brings Dynamics users, Dynamics and ISV partners, Microsoft team members and industry experts together, creating a collaborative environment to discuss solutions, address business needs and establish a true community that you can leverage throughout the year.

Join GPUG at Convergence

GPUG will be hosting a variety of sessions and networking opportunities that will enable you to connect with, learn from and share with other Dynamics GP users and experts who work and think like you. Check out their website for sessions and to register.

SL User Group sessions at Convergence

SL Administration for Newbies – In this Premium Session, discover what any new professional needs to know about SL in order to get a jump start on successfully administering an SL environment. Glean tips and tricks from the experts. In this Nuts and Bolts session, we will cover what a typical Dynamics SL installation looks like and the tools for troubleshooting. Understand what customization options exist, from reporting to screen customizations, and how to find them. Develop an understanding of how access rights, groups, and menuing work to better manage user rights and the role-tailored experience. We will also cover data import options as well as a number of other concepts to make you a successful SL administrator. Registration cost is $395. Presented by Rick Feterick of Crestwood Associates. Register

Nuts and Bolts for Projects – This Premium Session offers another chapter of the Nuts and Bolts Premium Series, in which we examine the Project Modules under a database administrator's microscope. We explore the underlying data structures of Project Controller, Allocator and Time & Expenses modules, deconstruct processes, and detail where integration touch points are with other SL modules. Once you complete this class, you will have a much better idea of how the project series really works and speed your ability to write better queries and reports, and troubleshoot problems. Registration cost is $495. Presented by Kim Bateson, Plumbline Consulting. Register