NetSuite SEO and digital marketing

Quickly improve your website’s organic rankings and search results with these steps to help ensure that you have accurate, useful data. NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) requires a platform-level understanding to implement effective NetSuite search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing improvements. Once complete, you’re prepared for third-party marketing and analytics packages and can set your NetSuite site for optimal sales conversion.

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Set-up search engine optimization best practices

Optimize site performance

SuiteScript server page applications (SSP) dominate how content is delivered in SCA. These files produce the HTML coding that gets rendered for each new webpage’s URL.

Configure meta and micro tags

NetSuite is continually adding micro tag configurations to the SCA platform. Incorrect configuration may result in meta tags output for the user, but not for a web crawling spider, rendering all your content as one homogenous page.

Configure facet pages correctly

Facet search pages are used to filter current products and make it easier for customers to find exactly what they need on the site.

Optimize customer conversions

This varies widely by customer and depends on the shopper interaction and response time needed. For example, if underlying SuiteScripts are not optimized, load times for pages may take longer and adversely affect visitor responses or page click-through.

Troubleshoot SEO implementation

The SEO page generator comes with a built-in function that allows you to troubleshoot the NetSuite implementation. One goal is to ensure that search engine spiders and bots effectively crawl your site to retrieve all the information they need for each listed product on your site. 

Optimize user reviews

Search engines love original content, so adding user reviews to your pages helps you twice—first in getting your page found via search and in converting your visitors from shoppers to buyers. Reviews can be pulled from multiple sources, including native comments from your visitors.

Configure Google and Bing tools for NetSuite SCA’s query strings

NetSuite has a host of built-in filters, most of which are used on facet pages to help customers find exactly what they want. Account for the correct query strings for Google search console (GSC) and Bing webmaster tools (BWT), and be sure that your canonical tags are set up properly to avoid duplicate content indexing.

Correct 404s before and after site launch

Depending on resources and budget, consider a proactive strategy of HTTP 301 redirects by obtaining all indexed links ahead of time by using proxied search engine queries. Or, retroactively clean up HTTP 404 “page not found” errors using Google search console and Bing webmaster tools.

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Development expertise

Understand the Single Page Application Architecture

NetSuite SCA web store operates as a single page app. This architecture is at the cutting edge of web development, and permits a more seamless user experience, especially for mobile device visitors.

Correctly Implement the SEO Engine Configuration

NetSuite has incorporated many SEO best practices into SCA many of which are instituted under an all-encompassing SEO engine.

Create and Manage Product Feeds, Even Custom Feeds

Product listings, or feeds, are always changing so clients often request support for ongoing updates. With some advanced planning, different site configurations can maintain a robust feed and provide shopper tests to see which colors, photos or words draw responses.

Accurately implement analytics and third party tracking

Remarketing for matrix items can be complicated

Marketers understand that it’s not easy to predict the exact item your customers are looking for when they search. Setting up the remarketing pixels requires platform-level knowledge, especially with NetSuite’s different item types. When done well, you can avoid visitors leaving empty-handed.

Configure analytics tracking correctly

Third-party scripts are handled differently than native scripts in SCA.

Maintain continuous customer sessions

Many single page apps have difficulty keeping customer sessions continuous. That’s why NetSuite SCA has several bundles, or sections, on the website. However, a customer session must be maintained across these bundles to create accurate analytics.

Track conversions correctly

Because of the one-page app architecture, pixels can’t simply be copied and pasted onto the conversion success page.

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Optimize back-end configurations

Understand how to transition clients from SiteBuilder to SCA

Transitioning clients from SiteBuilder to SCA can be complex, depending on the modules used, customization that may be needed and data migration requirements.

Obtain Legacy 301s from older sites, when downloading is not an option

NetSuite allows for data uploads in many cases, but there are a few cases where the platform does not have a download coded. Users may need to scrape the HTTP 301 redirects from behind the NetSuite portal.

Map complex items to clean NetSuite URLs, specific to item matrix configuration

NetSuite SCA accounts for many different types of parent-child product (item) relationships. Users will need to consistently configure these listings and ensure that team members are familiar with how item type is best used for your situation.

Correctly Implement Digital Marketing Streams

Configure email marketing suites correctly

SCA has been developed to integrate with the Bronto email marketing suite, but this implementation requires knowledge of the NetSuite platform.

Implement social sharing

Ensuring the meta tag protocols like open graph, Google authorship, Twitter Cards, or even custom modules are optimized requires in-depth knowledge of the NetSuite platform.

Create highly optimized landing pages

A flexible category manager ((person/function/software??) enables the creation of consistent, targeted landing pages. This category manager uses many platform-specific attributes to populate these pages according to your specific needs.

Google AdWords parameter handling

Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked so Google can deliver deeper data on paid user behavior on your webstore. However, certain URL configurations in NetSuite SCA can result in conflicts. RSM’s experience makes the difference between great paid search campaigns and paying to deliver 404 error pages.

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