Forecasting as a Service

The marketplace for middle market companies is rapidly changing due to evolving technology, rising globalization, and increased merger and acquisition activity; anticipating and responding to these changes is even more challenging in light of extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies thrive by fostering a culture of continuous improvement, especially within the forecasting and planning processes. Businesses must anticipate changes and adapt to not only fluctuating customer and market demands but also world events. RSM is introducing its forecasting service to help companies plot the most prosperous course in any set of circumstances.

When disruption first hits, companies need to quickly determine how to best manage critical elements, such as cash flow, work force, supply chain and inventory. That starts with creating a forecasting model that accounts for different variables and timelines.  Asking the right questions and understanding important variables is central to charting a course for your business.

RSM can help you assess:

  • How long can your current cash reserves last at the current run rate?
  • What are the costs and benefits to furloughing employees versus laying them off?
  • What form of cash assistance can you obtain? How much can you get and how quickly?
  • What costs can you cut immediately?
  • How do certain variables affect your customer mix for sales, accounts receivable, etc.?
  • Can you leverage your resources and processes to capitalize on new opportunities, like how distilleries produced much-needed hand sanitizer?

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How it works

Organizations often cannot make quick, informed business decisions because meaningful data is either unavailable or not in useable forms. The use of outmoded tools, such as Excel or dated enterprise resource planning solutions for this type of forecasting and analysis often leads to errors; these old methods are usually too slow to adjust to daily changes and often lead to outdated and potentially wrong insights. 

Corporate performance management (CPM) solutions automate your strategic forecasting and reporting processes. They enable companies to define, analyze and execute strategic goals relative to finance, operations, business modeling, analysis and key performance indicators. CPM tools typically reduce the time spent on the reporting process by 50% to 70%. Our automated CPM solution using Prophix Software comes without subscription pricing or a software agreement.