Solver enterprise CPM implementation and optimization

Manage performance better with the Solver suite and RSM

Consolidate data, budget, forecast and report for quicker, better decisions.

The Solver enterprise CPM platform is a powerful tool for budgeting, forecasting, reporting, self-service analytics and more. Its modern web interface makes it simple and intuitive for users, whether your deployment is in the cloud or on-premises. 

Solver features a data warehouse to consolidate company information. This ensures that data is timely and accurate, and breaks down information silos that hamper fully informed decisions. With more access and insight, your team can collaborate on everything such as strategy, forecasts, budgets, reports and analysis. Flexible dashboards deliver timely information where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

As with most powerful, flexible business systems, the success of your project depends on who you work with to configure, implement and deploy your system. Ensure that your implementation partner has both the technology and business chops to handle your situation effectively. RSM brings both facets to your engagement, plus expert accounting, tax and industry advisors. You’ll rest assured.

Why RSM should implement your Solver suite

You’ve chosen to invest in an excellent CPM suite. The same level of excellence should be part of making it work for your organization.

As the US part of a global team of business advisors, you’ll find the technology, business and industry specialists you need. Wherever you are, whatever your requirements, we are there.

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