Business Intelligence

Transforming your organization through analytics

With pressure from competitors, increased regulation and costs and shrinking revenue, businesses need to use every tool available to make informed decisions. Today, leveraging data is a “must-have” capability. It helps drive excellence, creates a competitive advantage and allows you to make wise decisions more quickly.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions convert the mountains of raw data flowing into your organization from sources, including social media, into previously unattainable insights regarding financial health, operational efficiency and who your buyers really are.

RSM helps you turn your wealth of raw data into actionable information. Unlike many others, RSM business intelligence professionals address all aspects of your data, including:

  • Integrating quality and trusted data
  • Delivering insightful analytics
  • Providing a pragmatic data governance and management framework

Using our approach, you can quickly realize the benefits of robust reporting and analytics, while moving toward an enterprise analytics platform.

RSM BI solutions

Our solutions include:

Data strategy and management

Information delivery

  • Intranet and SharePoint integration
  • Business intelligence portals
  • Mobile business intelligence
  • Analytic applications

Reporting and analytics

  • Retrospective reporting and analytics
  • Near real-time reporting and alerts
  • Exploratory analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Big data

Data foundation

  • Data integration
  • Master data and metadata management
  • Data quality
  • Focused data marts
  • Enterprise data warehouses

Data and Analytics Trends

Many emerging trends require middle market companies to evaluate their data processes and become more data driven. Ultimately, a comprehensive BI platform is a valuable tool to turn raw data into actionable information. View the infographic, Five ways data is changing the way businesses operate, to learn more.

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