Chart your company’s path to achieving ASC 842 or GASB 87 compliance

It’s hard to know when to get started on the tasks needed for ASC 842 or GASB 87 lease accounting compliance. If you’re struggling to understand what needs to be done—and by when—to keep your project on track, you’re not alone.

Let us simplify that for you. Using the Lease Accounting Milestone Planner (LAMP™), you can be aware of every important milestone and confidently work toward your goals. The tool is informed by industry-leading professional services advisors and more than 700 public and private companies that have already achieved lease accounting compliance.

RSM US LLP’s exclusive tool will help your organization:

  • Categorize specific project milestones: Generate a customized plan associated with each step leading up to your company’s reporting deadline
  • Budget the appropriate amount of time: See the associated dates with each task counting down to your financial reporting deadline
  • Access valuable information to support key steps in your plan: Review specifically curated learning materials to help you better understand the deliverables associated with each phase of lease accounting preparation

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