Reverse Sales and Use Audit

Recover what is rightfully yours

Transaction taxes are complex and often cumbersome – especially when managing the details across multiple states. If your sales and use tax procedures are out of date or misaligned with the tax requirements of the states in which you do business, you may be overpaying or placing your business at risk of a state audit.

An RSM reverse sales and use audit provides comprehensive analysis of your past fixed asset and expense item purchases to:

  • Identify past tax overpayments
  • Recover funds from vendors and state revenue agencies
  • Prepare for state and local tax audits and mitigate audits currently in progress
  • Improve tax decision-making for more accurate future compliance
  • Offset scheduled liabilities

Learn how RSM’s reverse sales and use audits can identify and recover past overpayments, adding dollars back to your bottom line.

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