SALT Due Diligence

Protect the profitability of mergers and acquisitions

The state and local tax liability of a target company can significantly affect the overall profitability of an merger or acquisition. Before making a permanent commitment to acquire a business, you should conduct proper due diligence related to state tax exposure.

Through a detailed, flexible and scalable due diligence process, our SALT professionals can:

  • Analyze historical returns, financial statements and other documents
  • Identify tax risks and opportunities
  • Review and analyze transactions
  • Conduct interviews to gain a deep understanding of tax position
  • Identify future tax issues
  • Provide a practical interpretation of issues and opportunities
  • Deliver a written analysis, including recommendations
  • Assist in developing an efficient tax structure for the transaction

Learn how RSM conducts SALT due diligence to protect the profitability of planned merger or acquisition activity.

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