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Wealth takes time to accumulate—and that wealth needs to be protected if it is to meet your objectives and those of your family for the long term. An insurance portfolio consultation with our RSM consultants and wealth advisors can help determine your insurance needs and financial goals, and find the right solution for you and your family.

To do this, we review your current needs and goals to determine your requirements for risk protection. Our questions to you might include:

  • Will there be enough liquid assets to pay your debts, medical costs and estate taxes?
  • Do you need insurance for asset protection?
  • How much income will family members need to maintain their standard of living?
  • Will assets have to be sold quickly at depressed prices to raise needed cash?

Working with a licensed insurance agent, we offer a comprehensive review to show you how your current policies are performing. We also help you decide if the coverage is adequate for your current and future needs.

Learn more about how RSM can help you with your insurance needs.

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