Family Office Advisory Services

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Setting up a family office and maintaining it are complex efforts.

How do you weigh important family decisions? What steps must you take to help secure your financial legacy? Are your personal and investment data safe? Do you have tools to access financial reporting and provide investment oversight?

The dedicated family office advisory professionals at RSM can help you navigate these concerns and more.

Key areas where we work with family offices include:

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Establishing and maintaining a family office

Family offices come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a few single-generation members of a wealthy family with common investment and philanthropic goals, to a multigenerational family with contrasting interests and individual investment objectives.

Single and multifamily offices

There are two types of family offices: single family offices and multifamily offices, sometimes referred to as SFOs and MFOs respectively. Single family offices usually begin by serving one ultra-affluent patriarch/matriarch and his or her family, while multifamily offices are more closely related to traditional private wealth management practices, seeking to build their business upon serving many clients. In addition, many family offices also assist with, or in some cases lead, nonfinancial issues such as private schooling, travel arrangements and miscellaneous other household arrangements. Most family offices combine asset management, cash management, risk management, financial planning, tax, accounting, lifestyle management and other services to provide each family with the essential elements for addressing the pivotal issues it faces as it navigates the complex world of wealth management.

Family office planning and business services

RSM’s family office professionals work not only with existing family offices but also help families consider whether establishing a family office structure makes sense for their specific situation.

Creating an effective family office requires considering a number of variables. A key first step is to define who the family office is for and which family members it intends to serve. The second step is to define what the family office is intended to do. Many are established to manage the family office investments exclusively. Others are created to provide financial support and generation wealth planning. RSM’s experienced team provide family office planning and family office business services that will help you consider the best path forward given your family’s goals and objectives.

Services designed to support your family office:

  • Individual income tax compliance and planning – A holistic view of the tax concerns that affect you, your family and your related businesses
  • Comprehensive business tax services In addition to private client services for individuals and families, we have groups that specialize in conflict resolution with tax authorities, and specific local  and international tax issues for businesses and individuals
  • Global services Our international private client services advisors understand the multitude of tax considerations affecting taxpayers with a presence in multiple countries; we recognize the challenges of managing assets and holdings across borders
  • Estate and gift planning – Identification and implementation of multigenerational wealth transfer strategies
  • Philanthropy and nonprofit experience – Devoted team dedicated to providing extensive leadership, management guidance, best practices, and charitable planning expertise to philanthropists and tax-exempt organizations
  • Governance, education and succession planning – Assess family needs and identify family office functions, objectives, risk and governance
  • Security, privacy and risk services – Help manage various risks, guiding family offices to implement controls to better secure critical data and systems
  • Technology solutions – Our technology consultants are focused on critical family office procedures and can provide the key automation needed to streamline functionality and improve reporting

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