Estate and Gift Planning

Our estate and gift planning professionals offer decades of experience developing strategies that address your specific individual and family needs, meet your philanthropic objectives and effectively manage estate and gift taxes. Services include retirement planning, intergenerational wealth transfers, closely held business planning and charitable giving.

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How can we help with your wealth transfer needs?

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Retirement planning

Successful wealth succession plans begin with sound personal wealth planning. Our professionals can evaluate your financial situation to identify the sufficiency of investments to support your needs into your retirement years. We focus on your needs as you define them and identify wealth that can be transferred during your lifetime without impeding your needs and goals.

Intergenerational wealth transfers

Successful wealth transfers begin with a well-prepared plan. We believe sound core estate documents provide peace of mind that, if the unexpected happens, there will be an orderly transfer of wealth according to your wishes.

From a core starting point, incremental strategies can be developed to transfer wealth effectively and tax efficiently during your lifetime and from your estate. The comprehensive strategies provide confidence your plans can be accomplished as intended. Our process blends your current goals and objectives with sound planning and strategies to successfully transfer your wealth.

Closely held business planning

A closely held business has special planning needs, especially if the business is to remain in a family for the next generation. We help you select the best entity to own the business (e.g., corporation or partnership). We also provide advice on buy-sell agreements to help ensure a smooth transition between owners, future owners, and family members not involved in the business.

Charitable giving

Many successful individuals include charity in their personal wealth planning. Our professionals can assist in developing philanthropic gift plans to be implemented during your lifetime and after. Planning can address legacy giving, family involvement, assets recommended for gifting and timing of donations. A charitable giving plan can be interwoven as an integral part of your overall wealth transfer planning.