VAT Compliance

In a constantly evolving legislative landscape, tax authorities around the world are demanding more data and greater visibility into that data than ever before—a trend that appears it will continue long- term. Thus, it has become critical for businesses to focus on accuracy, transparency and risk management in their value-added tax (VAT) data and compliance processes.

RSM’s global VAT compliance and reporting service offers a centralized, U.S.-based VAT compliance model for all your international filing requirements. This service:

  • Delivers control and visibility over global obligations
  • Manages the risk inherent with multiple compliance obligations
  • Offers insight into best practices and business improvement strategies, both centrally and in conjunction with our global RSM network

Efficiency through automation

We leverage the latest indirect tax compliance technology to ensure efficient and accurate compliance. Our standardized reporting packs mean that all tax returns are backed up and auditable in the same format, regardless of jurisdiction.

Service orientation

Onshore VAT professionals with extensive industry experience lead our team—they know what challenges you face and how to resolve them. Our team becomes an extension of your finance department, and our services can fill any gaps you have and scaled as your business grows or your needs change.

Management of compliance risk

The accuracy of your returns is only as good as the quality of the underlying data. As part of our onboarding processes, we test data and processes extensively to ensure data integrity, validity, structure and content—and may continue to do so through the early stages of all engagements. Because your data stays within the United States, you can be assured it is handled with the highest standards of data security.

How does a centralized VAT compliance service help your global compliance position and risk management controls?