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How to survive the IRS examination process

A guide to what happens when you get audited by the IRS

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What happens when you get audited by the IRS? In fact, is that letter even an audit notice at all?

Don’t panic. Whether this is your first experience with an IRS exam or the first in a long while, understanding the current approach to IRS examinations can help put you at ease and make the audit process run more smoothly.

Our tax controversy team helps clients navigate the IRS process from start to finish. Download our e-book and take advantage of their experience.

RSM's IRS Audit Survival Guide walks you through the examination process so you know what to expect. We cover:

  • Receiving an IRS notice - answers to important questions
  • Preparing for the audit - know your surroundings
  • Completing an IRS exam - essential elements
  • Deciding on appeals or litigation - consider the future tax impact
  • Minimizing penalties - where intent, precedent and experience combine
  • Managing collections - finding a way to work together
  • Mitigating future risk - plan ahead to avoid similar or residual mistakes

Face your IRS audit with confidence. Download the e-book today.  

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