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Don't forget the tax benefits of certain capital investments


According to recent Middle Market Business Index results, future capital expenditures are increasing, especially with smaller companies. When that capital expense is directed toward product or process innovation and improvement, the federal research and development tax credit, or R&D credit, can become a valuable tool to improve ROI.

Unfortunately, experience and data show that many companies wrongfully disqualify themselves and do not pursue the R&D credits to which they are entitled. In this brief video, Dana Jackson and Nick Avakian, from our federal credits and incentives team, talk about the benefits of the research tax credit and how it applies to more than many realize. 

If your business is investing in progress – either evolutionary or revolutionary – you should be looking at the R&D credit.

See our additional insights for more R&D myth busters and a deeper look at how the R&D credit applies to internal use software development. 

Tom Windram


Tom leads the technical research and analysis for RSM’s federal credits and incentives team nationally. Reach him at tom.windram@rsmus.com.

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