Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics and Warehousing

Develop strategies for cost reduction and resource optimization

Through our sourcing and procurement, and logistics and warehousing services, our team focuses on optimizing your direct and indirect spend, managing supplier relationships, managing capacity, and optimizing your production and distribution network.

Sourcing and procurement services include:

  • Spend analysis and cost savings: Our consultants conduct analysis of spend by category and supplier, then utilize those insights to capture cost reduction opportunities in administration and renegotiations with key suppliers.
  • Supplier assessments and scorecard: Our team can help you develop a segmented management approach and support sourcing by creating a formalized assessment process evaluating risk, service levels, quality, price variance and stability. In addition, we support supplier scorecard development to ensure key partners are providing the right pricing, product specifications, rebates and discounts.
  • Supplier reshoring strategy: Our team can support the planning and execution of your company‚Äôs supplier reshoring/nearshoring strategy. Through this effort, we focus on reducing supplier dependency, mitigating risk, reducing lead time, reducing freight cost and improving quality.
  • Contract negotiations and development: We design processes and organization requirements to establish a contracts management capability.
  • Sourcing strategy development: Our experienced professionals work with you to align business requirements to supplier spend. We can guide you through processes such as SKU rationalization, request for proposal (RFP) analysis, compliance measures and rogue spend reduction.

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Logistics and warehousing services include:

  • Warehouse optimization: Our consultants focus on process improvement, facility layout, technology and labor management to better manage capacity and use of warehousing resources. Using key operating requirements and metrics, our team can develop recommendations for future warehouse design.
  • Network optimization: Our consultants evaluate opportunities from relocation of production and distribution facilities to meeting various strategic objectives. This can include leveraging internal or third-party providers to optimize costs, handling, service levels and delivery efficiency.
  • Warehouse and transportation management systems: After reviewing your operation, we can provide the requirements to help you select a warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS). We look at capabilities and evaluate risk to support vendor evaluation.
  • Freight and mode analysis: Our experienced professionals assign mode and method analysis strategies, as well as lane optimization processes for greater efficiency. In addition, we can audit freight bills and optimize transportation operations.