Royalty Contract Reviews

Identify unpaid royalties and manage royalty streams through a thorough royalty contract review.

Signing a royalty agreement is usually a welcome event. But after time, doubt can creep in. Are you actually receiving the money that's due you? How much should be coming in, and why are the checks arriving late or getting smaller? If you have nagging questions about your royalties, it may be time for a royalty contract review.

During the royalty contract review process, our professionals examine your royalty contract to determine whether you are being underpaid. Common underpayment causes include clerical errors, misinterpretations of the license agreement language, or intentional understatements. Once a contract has been reviewed, we can assist you in implementing a compliance monitoring program with red flags to notify you when there's a substantial deviation.

The rewards of accurate royalty contract reviews can be great

In the past 10 years, we've used a tailored royalty contract review process to help licensors of intellectual property, copyrights or trademarks identify millions of dollars in unpaid royalties. We've conducted royalty reviews on everything from software to barbeque sauce and stem cell technology. Typically, the rewards exceed the review costs and, in many cases, the burden of the review cost can be shifted to the licensee.

Conducting a royalty review is simply good business practice. With years of experience and resources worldwide, why go anywhere else? Call RSM for a royalty contract review.

Recent Insights

Review recovers millions in royalties for life sciences company


Review recovers millions in royalties for life sciences company

Royalty review discovers omitted products, unallowable deductions, unreported sales and nearly $4.5 million in underpaid royalties.


Royalty review nets over $1 million in lost revenue for university

An investigation into licensing contracts nets over $1 million in underpaid royalties for a university and reveals new revenue streams.

  • December 30, 2016


Red flags that your licensee may be underreporting royalties

Learn how to identify and understand licensee red flags that could result in inconsistent royalty processes and potentially significant lost revenue.

  • Nathaniel Ruey, Elizabeth Watts
  • |
  • October 01, 2014


Royalty review finds underpaid royalties and improves licensee controls

Evaluation discovers royalty process errors for large consumer products company’s licensee, and makes suggestions to increase accuracy and revenue.

  • March 13, 2014


Maximizing royalty revenue: Current trends in royalty contract reviews

Royalties are commonly underreported in complex licensing and intellectual property contracts. Learn how to receive the funds you are entitled to.

  • Nathaniel Ruey
  • |
  • December 17, 2013


Royalty review uncovers inaccuracies and nets $115,000 in lost revenue

Review finds significant underpayment of royalties for technology manufacturer, and corrects licensee issues for future compliance.

  • December 06, 2013

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