Sarbanes-Oxley Program Optimization

With tight budgets and a lean staff, now is the time to streamline your SOX compliance processes.

Don’t ignore time and cost-saving opportunities just because your Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance processes “seem to be working.” There are likely additional SOX program optimizations you could be employing.

You might be able to optimize your SOX program by paring down the number of key controls, improving the efficiency of your technology platform or streamlining your approach in ways that could be leveraged across the organization. These optimizations could save you valuable time, money or both.

SOX program optimization can help you reduce costs

SOX program cost reductions are possible. In fact, we’ve been able to help some organizations achieve significant reductions in their SOX compliance costs after year one. This can be done by applying Auditing Standard No. 5 more effectively, using one of our technology or collaboration tools or by applying one of the many lessons we’ve learned over hundreds of SOX compliance engagements.

In addition, we work closely with your staff and external auditor so your compliance team is well prepared for your next round of SOX program compliance. And, we can satisfy your global compliance needs through RSM International, a network of member firms with offices in 80 countries.

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