Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Outsourcing, Co-sourcing and Loaned Staff

Compliance resources, staff and support to meet your needs.

If you’ve been through Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) before, you know how challenging it can be to build a compliance strategy that works for your organization. Thanks to our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance outsourcing options, you no longer have to do it alone.

RSM’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance outsourcing, co-sourcing or loaned staff can help you bridge the gap between the staff you have and the staff you need to bring your program into compliance.

Choose the level of support that’s right for you

At RSM, we help companies like yours lighten their compliance burdens:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance outsourcing — you can rely on our dedicated team of SOX compliance resources to meet your total compliance needs. Your appointed executive (CFO, controller, etc.) manages our team. We work with you to identify risks and processes, and share a common methodology as we integrate our tools and develop knowledge-sharing and company best practices.
  • Sabanes-Oxley compliance co-sourcing/partnering — you and RSM are jointly responsible for oversight of the SOX compliance process. We co-develop your risk and process methodology, and share tools and databases specific to your business. Our core team has an ongoing presence at your business and your internal audit function partners along with us manage and execute this process. We provide these services on a recurring, long-term basis.
  • Loaned staff to support SOX compliance — you can use our Sarbanes-Oxley loaned staff option to fill positions on demand, complete special projects or fill a knowledge gap, whether it’s for training, a fraud risk assessment or another SOX-related need.

For the right SOX resources and level of support to meet your needs, call RSM.

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