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As SOX costs persist, companies automate more controls


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Due to increased SOX costs, regulatory and competitive pressure, a growing number of companies are moving toward automating more of their internal controls over financial reporting. In this post-Sarbanes-Oxley era, demands on finance and accounting continue to grow as regulators continue to demand more precision in financial reporting. This is especially true in regards to internal controls. Industry experts, including Kari Sklenka-Gordon, National ERP RAS Director, offer insight into the reasoning behind the trend of moving toward automation.

As demands continue to increase, the amount of time and work required to manage controls has also increased. Companies of all sizes are realizing the only way to keep up with increasing demands is to move to automation. These companies are drawn to the idea of automation by the effect of increased efficiency and risk reduction. Automating IT processes and controls can help eliminate the risk of exposure and the costs associated with exposure. Learn more as Kari and other industry experts share the increased interest behind automation and its impact to ERP system efficiency.


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