Internal Audit Outsourcing, Co-sourcing and Loaned Staff

Internal audit resources and support to meet your needs.

Our internal audit outsourcing solutions can provide you with the staff you need to transform your internal audit function—no matter where you are in the process. Our internal audit resources can enable you to achieve your strategic internal audit goals in the most cost effective manner possible.

Which solution is right for you?

  • Internal audit outsourcing - under the oversight of your appointed company executive, RSM professionals perform all the activities necessary to support your internal audit function. Our methodology allows us to integrate our tools and provides a platform for identifying improvement opportunities and best practices, which we share with your team.
  • Internal audit co-sourcing or partnering - with this solution, our internal auditing professionals work with you to oversee the internal audit process. We co-develop your risk and process methodology, and share tools and databases specific to your business. Our core team has a regular presence at your business to manage and execute this process. We typically provide these services on a recurring, long-term basis.
  • Loaned staff - in this scenario, you can use our resources to fill positions on demand. This includes completing special projects, filling a knowledge gap, training your internal staff or any other internal audit need.

For the right internal audit resources and level of support to meet your needs, call RSM.

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