AuditBoard internal audit, risk and compliance automation solutions

RSM is a leading provider of AuditBoard’s cloud-based internal audit, risk and compliance platform that offers end-to-end automated solutions for companies globally. The integrated framework enables organizations to centralize and standardize data, accelerating the strategic value of the internal audit, enterprise risk management (ERM) and compliance functions.

As an AuditBoard gold partner, the RSM team has deep experience and insight to put the future of internal audit at your fingertips, providing more visibility, efficiency and accuracy for your most critical tasks. The end-to-end AuditBoard solution includes several key elements, including:

  • Simplified Sarbanes-Oxley Act management processes
  • Intuitive workflows to guide your audit processes
  • Centralized risk management efforts with on-demand risk data and trends
  • A single, unified controls framework that maps to your industry and best practices
  • Deep business insights
  • Details on the status and effectiveness of your audit, risk and compliance projects

Revolutionize your audit, risk and compliance processes

In addition, AuditBoard and RSM bring you several distinct benefits, such as:

  • One simple platform that provides visibility into each of your audit, risk and compliance efforts
  • Powerful collaboration capabilities for all of your users and stakeholders
  • An intuitive user experience based directly upon user feedback
  • A platform built by auditors for auditors
  • Rapid implementation in weeks instead of months
  • Extensive customer support, with RSM advisors available to guide users beyond implementation

Why RSM?

By combining our extensive risk consulting knowledge with the power of AuditBoard’s risk and controls framework, we transform the way your company manages internal audit, risk and compliance demands.

Customer value
  • Strategic partnership with AuditBoard
  • Unbiased perspective and advice
  • Solution delivery driven by process improvement
  • Optimization of the AuditBoard platform and internal audit activities based on our experience working with similar organizations
Dedicated AuditBoard practice delivery
  • Dedicated AuditBoard practice with resources located across the United States
  • Experience delivering complex AuditBoard solutions for companies of all sizes
  • Industry focus and best practices incorporated in our standard approach

Ready to learn more? Contact us to find out how the power of RSM and AuditBoard can revolutionize your critical audit, risk and compliance processes.