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Leveraging cyberthreat intelligence to understand potential threats


RSM's cyberthreat intelligence team helps organizations protect themselves from cyberthreats and make better risk-informed decisions.

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The cyberthreat landscape is ever-evolving, with new actors, exploits and campaigns appearing on a daily basis. Now more than ever, companies require situational awareness and understanding of in-the-wild threats in order to make adequate cybersecurity investment decisions.

RSM US LLP’s cyberthreat intelligence (CTI) teams provide actionable, predictive and timely intelligence for companies to make risk-based decisions when addressing emerging threats. CTI resources focus on tactical findings, performing due diligence reviews across the open and closed (deep and dark) internet for leaked data or potential imminent attacks planned by bad actors.

The RSM CTI team seeks to provide specific insights and recommendations based on leaked data or attacks identified in its research. In this document, we illustrate how CTI can be leveraged in both proactive and reactive scenarios. For example:

  • The CTI team was engaged by a portfolio company to investigate a target company to identify any items that would help the portfolio company understand the risk of a potential deal.
  • In response to a potential incident, the CTI team conducted an investigation to help determine if any of a consumer products company’s client information had been accessed or exfiltrated.        
  • The CTI team conducted an investigation with a worldwide merchandise distributor to determine if a ransomware attack could be attributed to any specific threat actor or group, and if threat actors were discussing or planning the attack prior to deployment on any open or closed sources.

Due to the dynamic and reactive nature of CTI and the current unrelenting threat landscape, companies should consider leveraging CTI teams and the value they can bring to help make better risk-informed decisions in a variety of key business scenarios.

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